Kauai - Napali: Polihale State Park

Polihale is one of the most beautiful beaches in the world and one of the longest in Hawaii. It stretches over 15 miles from Kekaha to the beginning of Napali. The Pacific Missile Range Facility is located half way.

To get to Polihale, one has to traverse about 3 miles of very bumpy, unpaved dirt road. All wheel drive vehicles are highly recommended. Take highway 50 to mile marker 32/50. Follow the signs toward Polihale until you reach a very prominent mokeypod tree where the road splits. Take the right turn along the dune. After 1.3 miles you will reach a camp site and Polihale State Park. The dunes give way to massive walls, The Cliffs. This is the beginning of Napali.You can walk along the rocks for another quarter mile to Polihale Springs, also called Sacred Springs. Inland from the dunes are agricultural fields - Mana.

Polihale is the most remote camp site on Lauai. The reward is the feeling to be at the end of the world, surrounded by the wast ocean and steep cliffs straight from "Jurassic Park". Not many people find their way to this amazing place on earth.

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Polihale State Park

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