Mount Borah, Idaho

MMount Borah is the tallest peak in the state of Idaho. This fact was unknown until 1934 when it was discovered that this up till then unnamed peak was actually higher than Hyndman Peak. The mountain was named Senator William Borah.

Mount Borah is located in the Challis National Park and is 3861 m high. It can be climbed without too much technical difficulty via a route over the southwest ridge. The ascent is 1500 m over 5.6 km from the trailhead which makes the hike strenuous. Just before the main summit crest is the famous "chicken-out" ridge. During rain or snowfall, this section of the climb can be dangerous.

ascent mount borah further up Mount Borah

Left: Initial ascent. Right: Just before "chicken out" ridge

Chicken out ridge mount borah view from summit crest mount borah

Left: Beginning of "Chicken out" ridge. Right: View from the summit crest

chicken out ridge mount borah mount borah summit

Left: End of "Chicken out" ridge. Right: Summit

Mount Borah
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