Lehua Island

Lehua Island is a very small island located between Niihau and Kauai. It is an ancient volcano with a crescent shape. The north side of the rim is submerged, ships can enter the caldera.

Snorkeling and diving are excellent at Lehua Rock albeit the trip by boat from Kukuiula Harbor is with about 3 hours quite long. The payback are stunning blue waters, amazing volcanic underwater structures, seals and sharks.

Lehua Island is well known for an unusual geological formation dubbed "the keyhole". Located in one of the crescent's narrow arms, this is a tall, thin notch cut from one side, all the way through to the other side of the arm.

Lehua Isand Lehua keyhole

Left: View of Lehua Island coming from Kauai. Right: Lehua Island keyhole.

Lehua Island 2 Lehua island 3

Left: Lehua Island south side. Right: Lehua island north side.

lehua diving 4 lehua diving 5

Diving "The Wall" at Lehua Island.

Lehua island diving lehua diving 3

Underwater lava tubes near Lehua Island.

Lehua Island
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