Antelope Canyon is probably the most fotogenic, fotographed and famous slot canyon in the world. It is located on Navajo land near Page just south of Lake Powell. Antelope Canyon includes two separate slot canyons, the Upper Antelope Canyon ("The Crack") and Lower Antelope Canyon ("The Corkscrew").

It was in the lower part of the Antelope Canyon, the "Corkscrew", that 11 people died when a flash flood hit them on August 12, 1997. The incident made international headlines and the canyon was closed for almost one year. Today, a memorial plaque is mounted near the entrance. Today, the lower Antelope Canyon can be visited only with a Navajo guide. The hike into the "Corkscrew" part of Antelope is absolutely not strenuous and no climbing experience is needed. At the entrance, a metal ladder leads down to the floor. Looking from down up to the entrance, it becomes quickly clear that the rushing water in the cash of a flash flood would eliminate any possibility to get back up. This is perhaps why grey boxes as stationed along the crack in the surface, which marks to the top of the narrow slot canyon. Presumably, these boxes contain rescue gear (see photo to the right).
The photo to the right also reveals that the view from the top is rather disappointing. Add to this the presence of a major power plant in the vicinity and one might wonder whether the entrance fee of over $20 is justified. But once down in the canyon, an amazing world of shapes and colors opens to the eye. Depending on the intensity and angle of incidence of the sunlight, the canyon glows in shades of gold, orange, and purple. In the photograph below, you can see the same section of the "The Corkscrew" during cloudy whether (left) and with the mid day sun illuminating the canyon walls (right). Around noon is the best time to visit Antelope since the sun shines deep into the canyon.
The section of the canyon called "The Crack" is accessible only by guided tour with an off-road vehicle. Tickets can be purchased at the booth at the end of the parking space or in Page.

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To get there, drive south and east out of page about 2.5 miles on State Highway 98. The access to both parts of the canyon is located about halfway between miles 299 and 300. The reach the "Crack", turn south just across from the turnoff to Antelope Point Marina and drive west 200 yards to the ticket booth and parking space. For the "Corkscrew", turn north onto the paved road running toward Antelope Point Marina. Drive about 500 yards and turn left (west) and drive down a dirt road about 350 yards to reach the parking space and ticket booth.

For a more detailed map and directions use this link to Google Maps.



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